Our Process

Ensuring Customer satisfaction is integral to every aspect of Precimax Cleans Business operations, below is an outline of our customer related processes that demonstrates our commitment to ensuring you are satisfied with your cleaning services

  1. We meet and discuss your project. Then we set goals and a work schedule.
  2. We look for knowledge about your Business to ensure that our solution suits your unique requirements.
  3. We engineer a solution that we believe will meet your business requirements.
  4. We use highly trained and professional staff and high quality materials to complete your services.
  5. Our managers continually inspect work sites for quality of work and opportunities for improvement.
  6. We review our services with you on a regular basis to ensure that we are meeting the changing requirements of your business.
  7. Precimax Clean is all about continual improvement we analyse all aspects of our services to look for opportunities to improve.

Precimax Clean is not your regular contractor, we are your partner in business and we are committed to ensuring that your facilities are maintained to a high standard at a reasonable cost. Precimax Clean is committed to understanding the needs of our customers and providing Quality Services.


Staff Training

Precimax Clean provides formal training as well as practical training and verification of competency to all staff. All staff are trained based a project management plan that assesses the requirements of the contract workplace and the needs of individual staff members. Details of staff training are recorded in each project management plan.

At a minimum all staff are trained in:

  • General and Site Specific Occupational Health and Safety
  • Materials Handling and Safety
  • Pedestrian and Vehicular Traffic Risks
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Specific Plant and Equipment Training

Precimax Clean only employs experienced and professionally trained staff. All our cleaners hold police clearances and undergo one-on-one training prior to starting work.


Precimax Clean is committed to investing in technology to reduce cost’s and resources whenever possible. Technology based initiatives employed by Precimax Clean Include:

  • Electronic Job Cards / Forms
  • Electronic GPS Location and Form Based Photo submission for Job verification
  • Electronic Invoicing and Payment Dispute Management
  • Electronic Reporting available for clients


Precimax Clean employs an in-house developed Quality Management and employee monitoring system to ensure that client requirements are correctly assessed and appropriate resources are allocated to each task. Resource allocations and on-the-job progress is continually monitored and evaluated to ensure that client requirements are always adhered to.

Precimax Clean undertakes a management review process to ensure that client requirements are continually evaluated and appropriate recommendations and solutions are offered to the client on a regular basis during contract review meetings.

Precimax Clean regularly evaluates:

  • Material Usage
  • Performance Benchmarks
  • Location Condition Reporting
  • Material Supplier Alternatives
  • Preventative and Reactive Maintenance Initiatives

Our full range of services includes:

Office Cleaning Services

We proudly offer a diverse range of specialized office cleaning services Perth with highlytrained, reliable, experienced, friendly and professional office cleaners. Our experts ensure allclean, safe, and healthy workplace for your employees.

School Cleaning Perth

Exceptional care is required for cleaning schools as the children are generally more prone tothe damaging reactions caused by chemicals. Therefore, our company uses natural, non-toxic,child-friendly, but effective products for cleaning.

Medical Center Cleaning

We offer dedicated medical center cleaning services that minimize the instance of anyinfections, allergies, or cross-contamination. Our professional cleaners are well-trained tomaintain the incomparable levels of personal and environmental hygiene.

Pub Cleaning Services

You can count on us for the most reliable pub cleaning services. We are well-known for ourhigh-quality all clean practices to keep your pub sparkly clean, safe,fresh and germ-free.

Hotel Cleaning

Our company renders flexible and genuine cleaning services with competitive prices for allkinds of hotels all across Perth.

Residential Services

We provide professionally customized residential cleaning facilities, both pre-and-postrelocation that will definitely exceed your expectations.

Carpet Cleaning

Our company delivers the most proficient and reliable carpet cleaning services. We arespecialized in cleaning intensive stains, removing dirt, strains, grit, allergens, andsand from the carpets.

Commercial Cleaning Services

We endorse commercial cleaning services at a time that is the most convenient for yourworkforce. We never intend to interfere when your staff is at work.

Flooring Maintenance

We also provide expert services in flooring maintenance. These include stripping, sealing,scrubbing, polishing, and deep cleaning all kinds of surfaces including tiles and grout.

Industrial Cleaning Perth

We are proud to have highly proficient staff that can pull-off an inclusive range ofprofessional cleaning services for commercial companies, manufacturing facilities, foodprocessing plants, and industrial facilities in Perth.

Gym Cleaning Services

Our company commits to creating a fresh, hygienic, and welcoming environment at your gymthrough their professional cleaning services. We are famous for our sound rapport, brilliantwork ethics, and timely services.