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Welcome to Precimax Clean!  We are  dedicated to providing exceptional commercial cleaning services in perth tailored to meet your specific needs. Our company is locally owned & operated by a team of professional Perth commercial cleaners. Precimax clean is a local cleaning company in Perth with the necessary license and accreditations to conduct comprehensive cleaning services throughout most industries. 

Precimax Clean – We Create

Clean Environments

Precimax Clean is a leading professional commercial cleaning service provider in Perth, dedicated to creating clean and healthy environments for businesses.

At Precimax Clean, we understand the importance of maintaining a clean and sanitary workplace. A clean environment not only enhances the overall appearance of your business but also contributes to the well-being and productivity of your employees.

We offer a comprehensive range of cleaning services, including commercial cleaning, office cleaning, carpet cleaning, industrial cleaning, floor maintenance, and more. Whether you own a small office or manage a large commercial facility, we have the expertise and resources to handle all your cleaning requirements.

Our full Range of  Commercial Cleaning, Including:

Office Cleaning

Trust Precimax Clean to keep your workspace spotless and welcoming. Our expert team ensures a clean, organized, and hygienic office environment for increased productivity and client impressions.

Hospital Cleaning

Precimax Clean understands the critical importance of a sanitized healthcare facility. Our specialized hospital cleaning services in Perth maintain the highest standards of cleanliness to ensure patient safety and well-being.

Carpet Cleaning

Restore the freshness and beauty of your carpets with Precimax Clean’s professional carpet cleaning service. We use advanced techniques to remove stains, allergens, and dirt, leaving your carpets looking like new.

Industrial Cleaning

Maintain the efficiency and safety of your industrial facility with our thorough industrial cleaning services. Our team is equipped to handle even the toughest cleaning challenges, ensuring a clean and hazard-free work environment.

School Cleaning

Create a healthy learning environment for students with Precimax Clean’s school cleaning services. We prioritize cleanliness and hygiene, helping schools provide a safe and conducive atmosphere for education.

Pub Cleaning

Impress your patrons and keep them coming back with a clean and inviting pub environment. Precimax Clean’s pub cleaning services ensure that your establishment remains fresh, hygienic, and ready to serve your customers.

Commercial Office Cleaning Services  Perth 

Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Cleaning: We offer flexible cleaning schedules to accommodate your office’s specific needs, whether it’s daily maintenance, weekly cleaning, or monthly deep cleans.

General Cleaning: Our team ensures that all areas of your office are cleaned to perfection, including dusting, sweeping, mopping, and trash removal.

High-Touch Surface Disinfection: We pay special attention to disinfecting high-touch surfaces like doorknobs, light switches, and countertops to minimize the risk of illness.

Restroom Sanitization: Thorough cleaning and disinfection of restrooms to maintain a hygienic and pleasant environment.

Carpet Cleaning: Professional carpet cleaning services to remove dirt, stains, and allergens, enhancing the appearance of your workspace.

Hard Floor Care: Maintenance and polishing of hard floors to keep them looking their best and prolong their lifespan.

Window Cleaning: Exterior and interior window cleaning services to provide a clear and unobstructed view.


Dusting and Cobweb Removal: Elimination of dust and cobwebs from all surfaces, ensuring a clean and presentable workspace.

Trash and Recycling Disposal: Proper handling and disposal of waste materials, promoting a clean and eco-friendly workplace.

Specialized Cleaning Services: Tailored cleaning solutions for specific areas or tasks as per your office’s unique requirements.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning: We use environmentally friendly cleaning products and practices to reduce the environmental footprint of our services.

Emergency Cleaning: Swift response to unexpected cleaning needs, such as spills or accidents, to maintain a clean and safe office environment.

Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning: Comprehensive cleaning services for offices during relocation to ensure a smooth transition.

Kitchen and Breakroom Cleaning: Keeping your kitchen and breakroom areas clean and welcoming for employees.

 Perth Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

commercial carpet cleaning perth

Deep Steam Cleaning: Our advanced steam cleaning process is designed to penetrate deep into the fibers of your carpets, extracting dirt, allergens, and contaminants that are not visible to the naked eye. This method ensures a thorough and long-lasting clean.

Stain Removal: We understand that spills and stains are an unfortunate reality in any workplace. Our team is equipped to tackle tough stains, leaving your carpets spotless and free from unsightly blemishes.

Odor Neutralization: Lingering odors can be a nuisance. We employ specialized techniques and environmentally friendly deodorizers to eliminate unpleasant odors, leaving your carpets smelling fresh.

Carpet Protection: To extend the life of your carpets and guard against future stains, we offer carpet protection treatments. This helps to repel spills, making clean-up easier.

Fast Drying: We understand the importance of minimal disruption to your daily operations. Our efficient drying methods ensure your carpets are ready for use in the shortest time possible.

Eco-Friendly Solutions: We prioritize the health and safety of your employees and the environment. Our cleaning products are eco-friendly, ensuring a responsible approach to carpet cleaning.

Commercial and Industrial Carpet Cleaning: Whether you have a small office or a large industrial space, we have the capacity and expertise to clean carpets in various business environments.

 Industrial Cleaning Services Perth

Factory and Warehouse Cleaning: We provide thorough cleaning services for factories and warehouses, addressing challenges unique to industrial environments, such as heavy machinery cleaning, floor maintenance, and high-reaching dust removal.

High-Pressure Cleaning: Our high-pressure cleaning services effectively remove tough grime, grease, and contaminants from industrial surfaces, including concrete floors, machinery, and exterior areas.

Duct and Vent Cleaning: Ensuring clean and efficient air circulation in your industrial facility is crucial. Our duct and vent cleaning services improve indoor air quality, reduce fire hazards, and maintain HVAC system efficiency.

Tank and Silo Cleaning: We offer safe and efficient cleaning of industrial tanks, silos, and vessels, including confined space entry when necessary, to ensure the integrity and hygiene of your storage areas.

Industrial Equipment Cleaning: Precimax Clean specializes in cleaning and degreasing industrial equipment, ensuring operational efficiency and prolonging the lifespan of your machinery.

Spill Cleanup and Management: Our team is equipped to handle chemical spills and hazardous material cleanup in compliance with safety regulations, minimizing environmental and health risks.

Surface Decontamination: We employ advanced cleaning techniques and disinfection methods to remove contaminants and pathogens from various surfaces within your facility, promoting a clean and safe workspace.

A cleaner clean Industrial cleaning in perth

 Commercial Medical Cleaning Perth

A cleaner clean Industrial cleaning in perth

High-Touch Surface Disinfection: Thorough and frequent disinfection of high-touch surfaces such as doorknobs, handrails, counters, and waiting room furniture to reduce the risk of infections and ensure the safety of patients and staff.

Biohazard Waste Management: Safe and compliant handling and disposal of medical waste and biohazard materials, ensuring the proper management of potentially harmful substances while adhering to strict regulatory guidelines.

Customized Cleaning Plans: Tailored cleaning plans created in collaboration with your medical centre to meet your specific needs, schedule, and budget while addressing the unique cleaning requirements of a healthcare environment.

Infection Control Protocols: Implementation of industry-specific standards and regulations to maintain a level of cleanliness that meets the stringent requirements of medical environments, contributing to the prevention of healthcare-associated infections.

Comprehensive Cleaning Services: Thorough cleaning of all areas within the medical centre, including examination rooms, waiting areas, offices, and restrooms, with services that cover floor care, carpet cleaning, dusting, and surface sanitation.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Practices: The use of environmentally friendly cleaning products that are effective, safe for patients and staff, and promote a healthy and sustainable medical environment while reducing the environmental impact.

Gym Cleaning Services Perth

High-Traffic Area Cleaning: Gyms experience high foot traffic, resulting in the accumulation of dirt and sweat. We provide thorough cleaning services for all high-traffic areas, including workout floors, locker rooms, and common areas.

Equipment Sanitization: Gym equipment requires regular cleaning and disinfection to ensure the health and safety of your members. We use industry-approved methods to clean and sanitize exercise machines, weights, and accessories.

Locker Room and Restroom Cleaning: Maintaining a clean and hygienic locker room and restroom is vital in any gym. We offer deep cleaning services for these areas, including disinfecting surfaces, cleaning showers, and restocking hygiene essentials.

Odor Control: Gyms can develop unique odors from sweat and other factors. Our services include odor control measures to ensure a fresh and pleasant atmosphere in your facility.

Window and Mirror Cleaning: We clean windows and mirrors throughout the gym to ensure a clear and polished appearance, allowing your members to see their progress and workout safely.

Floor Care: Gym floors endure a lot of wear and tear. We provide specialized floor cleaning and maintenance, including sweeping, mopping, and buffing, to keep them looking their best.

two person cleaning gym in perth area

Our Perth Commercial Cleaning  Process

initial consulting

 Initial Consultation

Customized Cleaning Plan


Customized Cleaning Plan

preparing equipment for cleaning


Preparing Equipment

cleaning process


Cleaning Process

we test quality


Quality Control

last step we take client feedback


Client Feedback

Why You Need a Commercial Cleaning Service

Maintaining a clean and hygienic workspace is crucial for businesses of all sizes and across various industries. Here are compelling reasons why you need a commercial cleaning service:

  • Enhanced workplace hygiene
  • Improved employee health and well-being
  • Professional image and first impressions
  • Compliance with health and safety standards
  • Increased productivity and focus
  • Cost-effective maintenance
  • Expertise and specialized equipment
  • Time and energy savings
  • Environmental responsibility and sustainability
  • Peace of mind and convenience

Why Choose Us?

At Precimax Clean, we understand the importance of a clean and welcoming workspace. A clean environment not only creates a positive impression but also enhances the overall well-being of your employees and clients. Here are several compelling reasons why you should choose us as your trusted commercial cleaning service provider in Perth:


Perth's Premier Choice

We are one of Perth’s leading commercial cleaning services, trusted and favored by businesses across the city.


Efficient and Stress-Free

Experience fast, hassle-free service that takes the stress out of cleaning and everyday chores, so you can focus on what you do best.


Transparent Pricing

We offer obligation-free quotes before commencing work, ensuring complete transparency and no hidden costs.


Comprehensive Cleaning Solutions

From office spaces to industrial facilities, we have a wide range of services and skills to meet all your cleaning needs, no matter how unique.


Dedicated Professionals

Our friendly team of passionate professionals is eager to assist you in maintaining a clean and inviting environment for your business.

why choose precimax clean for commercial cleaning perth services

What Our Clients Say


Precimax Clean has consistently exceeded our expectations when it comes to office cleaning. Their attention to detail is remarkable. They ensure every nook and cranny is spotless, creating a comfortable and productive work environment. Their team is always punctual and professional. It’s a pleasure doing business with them.

Austin Wallace. Belmont, Perth


Our manufacturing facility relies on Precimax Clean for industrial cleaning, and they have consistently delivered exceptional results. They understand the unique challenges of our industry, and their team uses the right equipment and cleaning agents. Our workspace is not only cleaner but also safer. Highly recommended for industrial businesses.

Renae Cirillo. Armadale, Perth


I was amazed by the quality of Precimax Clean’s carpet cleaning service. Our carpets had stubborn stains and high foot traffic marks, and I thought we might need to replace them. However, after their service, the carpets look brand new. Their attention to detail and expertise in stain removal are top-notch.

Cherie Julie. Stirling, Perth


Hiring Precimax Clean for our restaurant was one of the best decisions we made. Their attention to sanitation and cleanliness in the dining area and kitchen is evident. They go above and beyond to ensure our establishment is not only clean but also hygienic. Our customers often compliment the cleanliness, which reflects positively on our business.

Luc Smith. Rockingham, Perth


Precimax Clean’s medical cleaning service is exceptional. In a healthcare setting, cleanliness is non-negotiable, and they understand this perfectly. They maintain the highest standards of hygiene, ensuring the safety of our patients and staff. Their professionalism and commitment to infection control are commendable.

Linda Martinz. Victoria Park, Perth


Our hotel has experienced a remarkable transformation since we started working with Precimax Clean. Their attention to detail in cleaning our guest rooms, common areas, and facilities is exceptional. Guests often comment on the cleanliness and the inviting atmosphere. We are thrilled with the impact they’ve had on our guest experience and our reputation. Precimax Clean is an invaluable partner in our success.

Yeshi Peldon. Joondalup, Perth

The Precimax Clean Difference

Residential Services

We Are Experts

We are the market leader in both scale and scope, which consistently produces exceptional results.

We Are Committed

All of our activities are guided by customers and their needs.

We Are Complete

To provide outstanding cleaning, we adopt a proactive approach.

We Are Driven

We’re dedicated to delivering the highest level in all areas of our business.

We Are Dedicated

We’re here for the long-term. We provide reliable cleaning service that ensures customer satisfaction.

Clean Environments
For Our Clients


We’ve invested time and resources into developing the absolute best team in commercial cleaning – meaning goodbye to missed spots, dusty surfaces, or any other small details others might miss. 


Creating a sustainable future for your business – not just by using organically powered plant-based cleaning products, but by creating an environment for your team to thrive in. 


Through collaboration and innovation, we breathe life into our facilities and inspire your team to become happier and more productive in their space. 


Precimax Clean can develop a customized cleaning plan to meet your specific needs and preferences. Hiring Precimax Clean is a perfect solution for you

Find Commercial Cleaning Services
Location Near You

Precimax Clean Commercial Cleaning Service Cost

The cost of our Precimax Clean commercial cleaning service can vary based on several factors, including the size of the space, the specific cleaning requirements, the frequency of service, and the location of the property.

We are a professional cleaning service provider, and we typically offer customized pricing to meet the unique needs of each client. To get an accurate cost estimate for your specific commercial cleaning needs, it’s best to contact us directly.

You can reach out to us by contacting our customer support, or requesting a quote. We will likely ask you some questions about your cleaning requirements, such as the type of facility, the square footage, the cleaning frequency (e.g., daily, weekly, monthly), and any special services you may need.

Once we have this information, we can provide you with a tailored cost estimate for our commercial cleaning services. Keep in mind that the cost will vary based on your specific circumstances and requirements.

FAQ About Our Commercial Cleaning Services in Perth

How often can I schedule your commercial cleaning services?

Our commercial cleaning services are flexible, and we can work with you to create a cleaning schedule that suits your requirements. Whether you need daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleaning, we can accommodate your preferred frequency.

Why Precimax Clean?

Precimax Clean has been delivering top-tier commercial cleaning services throughout Perth since 2008. We’re renowned for our exceptional service and attention to detail. We encourage you to read our testimonials to learn why we are the right choice for your cleaning needs.

Are your cleaners trained and experienced?

Absolutely! Our cleaning staff consists of trained professionals with experience in commercial cleaning Perth. They are knowledgeable about industry best practices and use high-quality cleaning equipment and products to ensure effective and efficient cleaning results.

Do you provide cleaning supplies and equipment?

Yes, we bring our own cleaning supplies and equipment. Our cleaners are equipped with all the necessary tools and environmentally friendly cleaning products to perform the cleaning tasks efficiently. If you have any specific preferences or requirements regarding cleaning products, we can discuss and accommodate them as well.

Will you send the same team each time?

Whenever possible, we aim to send the same team for regular cleaning. We understand the importance of consistency to our clients, ensuring our staff understands and follows the scope of work precisely. When this option is not available, we will send a trained cleaner who can effectively clean your facility and meet any additional requirements.

How do you ensure security and confidentiality during cleaning?

We understand the importance of security and confidentiality in commercial settings. Our cleaning staff undergoes thorough background checks, and we strictly enforce confidentiality agreements to maintain the privacy and security of your business and sensitive information.

What if I have a concern or need additional cleaning?

We have a dedicated customer support team available to address any concerns or questions you may have. If you require additional cleaning or have specific requests, simply reach out to us, and we will work with you to accommodate your needs.

Can you provide my commercial business with a free quote?

Get in touch with us at 0412 487 786 or send us an online enquiry to receive a free quote. For an initial estimate, we may need to visit your facility to assess the floor plan and discuss your cleaning requirements.

What suburbs do you service?

Precimax Clean offers comprehensive commercial cleaning services in Perth Metropolitan Areas all cities and towns in Western Australia. For cleaning services Perth Metropolitan subregions and local government areas, please contact us at 0412 487 786 to see how we can assist you.

How do I get started with your commercial cleaning services?

Getting started is easy! Simply reach out to us through our contact information, and our team will schedule a consultation to discuss your cleaning requirements, provide a tailored quote, and set up a cleaning plan that suits your needs and preferences.

Perth Commercial Cleaners Contact Info:

Precimax Clean
Address: Level 27/44 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000, Australia
Phone: 0412 487 786

Precimax Clean Working Hours

Monday:  7:30 am–6:30 pm
Tuesday:  7:30 am–6:30 pm
Wednesday:  7:30 am–6:30 pm
Thursday:  7:30 am–6:30 pm
Friday: 7:30 am–6:30 pm
Saturday:  8:30 am–3 pm

Sunday: Closed (Appointment Only)